Our Story


The world is going to be what it is going to be. We have all seen how quickly businesses can fail and how fast a community shuts down when a company picks up and moves. That is not our intent for one very simple reason, because I care and because CWT cares. The world can do without a new T-shirt or store, but we will always need access to clean water, and we plan to deliver on that and deliver on a big future.

We are a company with humble beginnings, but we have the potential to be larger than companies such as Google, Pixar, Tesla, and Uber because what we make preserves life. It’s not a want; it’s a need.

The hurricanes and the COVID-19 pandemic have dealt a one-two punch to the Caribbean. The cruise industry has been shut down, tourism has slowed to a crawl, money is tight, jobs are gone, and it will take a while for them to return. These uncertainties have everyone tightening their purse strings, but during these times, it is essential for us to invest, support, and participate in the growth, progression and reestablishment of our foundations, of our community. These are the times that needs come before wants, and water is a need, for everyone no matter where they live. Our aims are to fulfil both.